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"After the few years of coming back, this is the 'class' I always come back to. I find it so special. I never walk away without having learned something very meaningful about myself....You are great, Andy! The healing group is so special because of you!"

Elena L.


" felt great to connect with others on such a deep level."
".....very meaningful.... several people were helped to emerge from painful experiences which touched us all."
Dallas Storm

"Your gentle humor, compassion, and cool intellect are great gifts. I feel gratitude for being part of the circle."

"One of the most healing experiences for me....Andy is magnificent, straight forward and funny! What a blessing..."

Shawn Murphy


"It was the most unexpected, exciting experience I've ever had."

Slava Semanov


"Hippocrates is blessed to have you, Andy! You gave me a new way of thinking about my relationship with my children--thank you!"

Morton Brody

"Fabulous, heartwarming, genuine. You are honest and amazingly perceptive, and I love your book."
Brenda Forrestal
  "Andy is an extraordinary leader."
Ruth Lizarazo

"I had a blast! The environment was comfortable from the beginning. It was full of laughter, tears, caring, and love."

Andrea Kruse


"I love you, Andy! You have been part of my life for ten years. Your wisdom and ability have helped me reshape my life."

Simi Brodie


"Somebody asked me today: 'what is your favorite part here at Hippocrates?' I said: sharing with Andy."

Nathalie Gagne

  "Transformational. I think you are a gifted therapist, Andy, and I don't say such things easily. You made me laugh alot, and that's not so easy either." --A.P.  

"The healing circle is appropriately named. Amazing how much can be accomplished in a short period of time!"

Julia Lee


"I find that your compassionate, yet to-the-point style cuts right through our emotional clouds and gets to the heart of the matter right away. I was able to feel safe addressing some very painful core issues in very little time. Thank you!"

Raisa Milliman


"You are a very qualified person with a big compassion, and a lot of human understanding. The voice in tune with the heart. God bless you!"

Alshaya K.

"I love your style! I was in awe of what you brought out in my husband, who was in a lot of distress and pain. I arrived a little late and found him laughing so hard! It made me so happy. He was good by 200% for the rest of the day! Thank you so much."

Peg Hitman


"It was too short! I felt safe in your healing circle, and like you were there in the experience every bit as much as I was even though you do this all the time. You were kind, but still pushing to bring things to the surface."

Anne S.H.


"My experience was one of love and acceptance of who I am."

Michael O'Neil


"...brilliant! One of the highlights of my stay at Hippocrates."

H. R.


"A valuable experience...Andy's style is 'light' and allows for the natural flow to develope. The humor he uses is relaxing and effective....and does not prevent the group from diving deep. His style appears effortless and easy, and yet is direct and keen."

Vivien P. Thepkius


"I really appreciate your empathy. It gave me so much confidence. But also you were 'hard' enough to ask the 'good' questions. Your few words went directly to what I needed. You could be one minute sweet as Santa Claus, and one minute later I could smell the 'sulfur', and see your 'devil' eyes shining! I had the feeling you knew exactly what were the right words to tell me."

Thierry Casasnovas (France)

  "Andy, you are warm, and smart, and fun." Heather Wils  

"A very good experience, that I felt benefitted me. I learned that I can and need to forgive myself."

Jim Williams


"An open circle of strangers that became friends through honesty, tears, and laughter. I very much like Andy's style: to the point and confronting, but soft and personal at the same time."

Jennifer Ammendolara


"..a great opportunity to open up, release some feelings rather than keeping them inside--to start the process of healing...."

Marcel Armanini

"I love Andy's honest, loving, playful sense of humor and his deep intuitive knowingness--seeing deeply into the heart of a person, and telling it like it is. He is very present in every moment with each person--really tuned in--always answering , being in compassion. It is obvious he loves people." Rev. Marlene D. Walford
"A great mixture of humor and healing." Cathy Spelman

"It was nice to hear something positive about the Catholic faith. I like Andy's style. My husband and I felt comfortable with him."

Judy Trenholine

"It was an emotional experience from which I learned and grew. Thank you from the heart."

Sara Socher

"Andy, I was so impressed with your balance of compassion and bold honesty. You have the ability to get to the heart of the matter and say the hard stuff without anyone getting defensive or feeling awkward."

Janeen Damer

    "...your somewhat quirky way puts people at ease, yet you cut to the chase and are very direct. You are excellent and effective."
Valerie Leach

"You made me, and I believe, everyone, feel safe in our own worlds. And really break ground. You're naturally honest, you keep it fun, which feels unique."

Alia Shawkat


"wonderfully tough."

Sandi McCabe


"At first I thought you were too hard on people, but then I realized you really were good and experienced, and now I trust you."

Dawn Markle



"I like your probing style. You get to the point without being threatening."

Nat King
  "I expected the healing circle to be 'fluff', but you made it hard. You made me work. However, I felt you were pushing me for my own good result.Thank you for caring to do that."

Sherry Phelps

"I appreciate your style and your personality is great! I will marry you!"

Joulyne Bueri


"You helped me get to core issues within one and a half hours that I had not reached in three years of ongoing therapy. Thank you!"

Jeanette Martinez


"Thank you, Andy, for your love, committment, passion, and for not kissing me."

David Martin Raines

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