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which stands for "State of the Heart Integrative Feeling Therapy".

When it comes to getting well, focusing on "what's eating you" can be just as important as what you eat. According to the new science of psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), our feeling life directly influences what the body can and will heal. Consciously experiencing repressed memories, uninhibiting emotional expression, and making new empowering choices can unleash great forces for healing by normalizing hormone levels, reducing inner pressure, and generally bringing a sense of resolution to the system.

In a private 50-minute session I draw upon techniques of hypnotherapy, heartfelt encounter, body-focused psychotherapy, and Centropic Integration(TM) (a unique form of hands-on emotional facilitation) as appropriate for your situation, to help you get in touch with, uproot, and integrate those aspects of your experience that may be adding to the stress of a disease process, keeping you stuck in a rut, or preventing you from finding good solutions. I help you take the hero's journey into your own inner depths, and help you emerge with new insights, strengths, and direction.

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