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Learn how to bridge the mind-body gap with unique techniques of body-focused, deep feeling therapy. Learn how to jumpstart your healing and radically quicken your personal development.


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Deep Feeling, Deep Healing
The Heart, Mind, and Soul of Getting Well

Paperback and/or Kindle ebook edition

ISBN 2-88058-386-1
319 pages

(Now available as a 17 CEU credit course for bodyworkers)

"I had the pleasure of meeting Andy Roman recently as I spent time at Hippocrates Wellness in West Palm Beach Florida. Andy led a healing-circle group during which he demonstrated a great deal of skill and empathy in leading people into deep emotion which helped many of those present to identify issues in their lives that were impacting them in ways that may well have contributed toward serious health problems."
<read more, review by Bart Breen>











Get Real, Get Well
The Power of Authenticity to Heal

Paperback and/or Kindle ebook edition

ISBN 978-0-9708662-6-4
Library of Congress Control Number:
239 pages


"In this book, Andy Roman provides a compilation of personal and patient experiences that offer an understanding of how our thoughts and emotions, expressed as feelings, shape every aspect of our perceived reality. Get Real, Get Well shines a light on how dysfunctional developmental experiences serve as a stimulus for the subconscious, the “habit” mind, to program dysfunctional and self-sabotaging behavioral responses."

~~ Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., stem cell biologist and author of the bestselling books, The Biology of Belief, Spontaneous
, and The Honeymoon Effect.





Deep Feeling, Deep Healing IN FRENCH!

A Sentiment Profond,
Guerison Profonde

Paperback and/or Kindle ebook

ISBN 9780970866233
300 pages

French cover

«Un livre dAndy Roman, un homme incroyablement sage... et drôle. J'ai eu le plaisir de le rencontrer et de travailler avec lui (en groupe et en individuel) en Floride l'an dernier, il est top ! Je vous recommande son livre.»

~Flora Douville, coach-alchimiste, créatrice de Métamorphose®


Deep Feeling, Deep Healing ALSO IN RUSSIAN!


Deep Feeling, Deep Healing:
Mind/Body Wisdom for Bodyworkers

Paperback and/or Kindle ebook edition

ISBN 978-0-9708662-4-0
111 pages

bodyworker cover

"I liked it a lot. Author is right-on. Extremely interesting, fascinating and important knowledge for bodyworkers."

~Joan Schneder, LMT

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