Licensed Mental Health Counsleor

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

National Certified Counselor

Licensed Massage Therapist

Registered Nurse


  • serving at the Hippocrates Wellness, the world’s premiere raw living food healing center, in
    West Palm Beach, Florida for the last thirty-one years
  • conducting private psychotherapy sessions for individuals, couples, and families
  • facilitating Healing Circle & Support/Therapy groups for twenty-eight years

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As a psychotherapist intimately involved with people facing grave health challenges, I've wondered what is it that drives self-destructive behavior even in the face of dire consequences? And what is it that keeps us from making and embodying our good choices? It must be something outside the rational mind at the helm. Something more powerful than good intentions, more potent than a strong will, sharper than a clear plan, or a rational understanding. It takes more than intellectual insight, more than a “program” or “system”, more than desire or prayer to get well or even to make lasting positive changes. The key is feeling. Deep feeling
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Repressed pain and our ongoing need to keep it out of awareness, ends up driving us unconsciously to do irrational things—like eating too much, procrastinating with exercise, staying in stressful jobs or toxic relationships. Hidden pain, especially of the emotional and mental flavors, drives us to do whatever it takes to keep us pain-free. Hence addictive, unhealthy habits and patterns.
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My job as a mind-body psychotherapist is to help people connect inside, integrate their pain, and thereby liberate themselves from the whole spectrum of bad living. People who know better, live bad lifestyles because they feel bad inside. Ironically, addictive substances and relationships carry the hope and promise of feeling good, but actually end up extending old time suffering. Paradoxically, feeling and integrating pain, ends that suffering. Feel it and heal it is the motto of my work.
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If you want to be whole, are in favor of being healthy, and like to synthesize and synchronize approaches of heart, mind, and body to get there, my therapy is for you. If you’d like to understand your past with a new sense of finality, bust patterns of dysfunctional behavior, and find personal direction and even destiny in your life, hire me as your therapist.

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